Mission: The Connecticut Parents Union (CTPU) is a membership association established to connect parents, guardians and families with the resources and support necessary to effectively advocate for the educational rights of children.

Vision: To ensure parents and guardians of children have legal power to improve the educational experience of their child thus creating school and community environments where parents are seen as equal partners in their child’s school.

Guiding Principles:

  1. A quality education is a human right for all children, not a privilege,
  2. Parents must take responsibility for their child’s academic and life success through active participation, as opposed to non-active expectations,
  3. Parents have the right to choose the best school that meets their childÕs academic needs,
  4. Communities have the right to quality schools in their neighborhood,
  5. CTPU supports the acquisition of knowledge, experience and resources for all children with the goal of raising academic achievement by reducing the achievement gap,
  6. CTPU support partnerships with administrators and teachers who demonstrate effectiveness in the classroom as shown by increased academic achievement for all children,
  7. CTPU, as a voting block, will hold elected officials accountable for their decisions on appropriations and policy related to education through a bi-annual report card and endorsement process.

The Connecticut Parent’s Union collaborates with parents, key stakeholders, education and social justice advocates across the State of Connecticut and country to engage decision makers to affect and sustain best practice educational reform efforts.

Since the CTPU’s incorporation in January of 2011, we have organized hundreds of parents, guardians of children and education advocates who are concerned that Connecticut and the nation’s public policy makers, as a whole, have not taken the most effective approaches towards erasing the knowledge, skill and opportunity gap , better known as, the achievement gap. The fact is, too many students in Connecticut and across the country are not graduating from high school and college with the skill sets that they need to become productive citizens, engaged community leaders, and participants in a trained and qualified workforce. Needless to say, this has serious impacts on our state and nation’s economy.